How To: Training a Child to Manage Big Emotions


Children can throw temper tantrums at any time. Their sudden uncontrolled outburst may be due to emotions they cannot understand. Usually, anger and frustration are the cause. However, there are different emotions for children that can be too big for them to handle.

Teaching a child how to handle their emotions is essential. The foundation of each child will start at home. Managing big emotions is significant for a child to learn. At our daycare in Louisiana, we see that a child must know what to do when they face hard-to-handle emotions.

Here are steps to managing overwhelming emotions. Teach your child to:

  • remind themselves that it is never okay to hurt others
  • take three deep breaths when upset or mad
  • count 1-10 slowly
  • ask for help to solve the problem
  • take time to calm down

Investing in childcare is an advantage. Kids World Preschool can help.

Our preschool will let your little ones have fun while exploring and learning new things. We also help the character building of each child.

Learning centers are a big help for parents. Understandably, most parents today are working, and they need help in looking after their children. We have fun and stimulating activities that cater to the needs of every young learner.

Our preschool in New Orleans, Louisiana, offers a line of activity programs for children. Each activity program varies from the age group they will be. Let us give your kids the education that will equip them for the big school. We nurture their creativity, develop their character, and teach them the skills to achieve their highest potential.

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