Parenting Tips to Develop Your Child’s Communication Skills


Communication skills are a critical part of adult life, allowing us to get our point across and succeed in our chosen profession. That is why parents should start honing their children’s communication as early as possible. At our preschool in New Orleans, Louisiana, Kids World Preschool develops essential life skills among our students, including communication, apart from academics.

As a parent, you don’t have to fully depend on learning centers to support your child’s cognitive and communicative development. You can also do so at home by:

  • Reading Every Day
    After reading books, find time to discuss the plot, characters, values, and other morals from the book. Also, try taking turns reading to each other.
  • Ask Them to Describe Their Day After School
    A simple “What did you do at school today?” can strike a conversation. But make sure to describe your day as well to be an example.
  • Teach Them How to Write a Journal
    Journaling isn’t just therapeutic for some, but it also helps kids organize their thoughts. This is ideal for children who prefer to open up as soon as they’ve thought through their responses thoroughly.
  • Practice Two-Way Communication
    There’s no better way to build communication skills than practical examples. Ask your child’s opinions on everyday living ? make it fun sometimes to engage them. Listen to what they say, and they’ll do the same once you speak.

Lastly, find the best day care in Louisiana that molds your child’s holistic self. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to prepare your little ones for formal schooling as well as give them the freedom to explore their unique abilities!

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