Play-Based Activities Preschoolers May Learn and Enjoy


It is known that play benefits children, especially at a preschool in Louisiana. Playful activities encourage the children to develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, communication, and teamwork.

Parents may also allow their kids to play at home. However, do you know what playful activities will benefit the development of your children? Do not worry! As a provider of childcare in New Orleans, Louisiana, we are happy to share lists of playful activities your child may enjoy.

  • Puzzle

    Puzzle is one of the most effective play-based activities for your children. It encourages children or preschoolers to use their creativity, vision, and problem-solving skills. Puzzle is an effective play-based activity for preschoolers in day care in Louisiana.

  • Play Dough

    Playdough is an activity that develops creativity and motor skills. Playdough is also effective for infant care in Louisiana. Infants or toddlers may try to play dough to activate targeted muscle groups and promote early mobility.

  • Dress-up or role-play

    Your child can try dress-up or role-playing at home. You can also join them in this activity. Dress-up is an effective play-based activity, as it enables children to understand roles in the real world and develop interests in their future careers.

Learning is possible through play. Play-based activities are effective in developing children as they continue to learn and grow. If you wish to develop your children through play, contact us at Kids World Preschool. We also have extracurricular activities for your children to learn and enjoy.

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