Ways You Can Encourage Your Little One to Talk


Have you noticed the starting points of your little one’s way of “talking”? Do they coo, babble, and try to respond to everything you say? Then congratulations, you are in the next phase of your baby’s development stage!

Babies have their own way of communicating with everyone around them. At 3-12 months, babies usually go from cooing and gurgling to first words, so make sure to help them get there.

As your trusted infant care provider, we would like to share some tips on what you can do to encourage your child’s communication skills. These are guaranteed easy techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime.

First of all, make sure to chat with your baby. For example, explain to them what you’re doing around the house and what it’s for. At this stage, infants take into memory new information that they are comprehending. You can also read a storybook before bed together.

Repeat your baby’s attempts at words to encourage two-way conversation. For example, if your baby says ‘mama’ you could say ‘mama’ back. You can also repeat and build on your baby’s words. For example, when the baby says, ‘train’, you say, ‘Yes, it’s a big red train’. Responding with sounds or colors that identify with specific objects also helps.

Babies develop talking and language skills through play. As such, our learning center encourages play ideas to develop your baby’s talking skills, which include simple activities like reading and singing.

Our preschool in New Orleans, Louisiana, is filled with child development resources that are sure ways to guide your little one’s growing up stages.

At Kids World Preschool, your friendly day care in Louisiana, your baby will have a loving home away from home where they can learn, thrive, and explore.

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