When Kids are Bored, Go Outdoors!


How many times have you told your children that it’s too cold, wet, or hot to go outside?

Some education experts believe that playing outside should be included in your list of activities. While we keep our children inside on days that we deem too cold or rainy to keep them from getting sick, keeping them inside all winter is unhealthy for them.

Children can be outside in the winter to run around, go sledding, or build a snowman. All of these activities get the kids moving and their hearts racing. It is also critical for your child to get Vitamin D, which the sun provides. Vitamin D can help promote energy levels, memory, better moods, and other benefits in as little as 10 to 15 minutes per day.

Children’s imaginations, too, require stimulation! In today’s world, watching television instead of playing outside is the default when there is “nothing to do,” but outdoor and after school play can help children develop their imaginations. Many outdoor activities also foster problem-solving abilities and teamwork. They are engaged in problem-solving when they are learning how to get along with others or attempting to figure out the best way to assemble a snowman.

Allowing your children to play outside in the dirt or cold weather aids in the development of their immune systems. According to health experts, the more frequently children are exposed to bacteria, the less likely they are to develop allergies.

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