The Benefits of Play in Early Childhood Education


Playing is one of the children’s favorite things to do. They never seem to get tired of playing. This holds true whether they are playing alone or playing with other kids in a preschool in Louisiana and other parts of the world. It can’t be argued that it’s an activity that children of all ages love to do. They simply have a wonderful time playing.

The good news is children don’t only have a good time while playing or participating in extracurricular activities. They also get to earn numerous benefits from it. These are advantageous to their overall growth and development. Parents must not be worried if their kids spend so much time playing. They simply have to remember that their children get something out of what they are doing.

There are numerous benefits that playing offers for children. In fact, it plays a crucial role in early childhood education and childcare in New Orleans, Louisiana. Play is an integral part of ECE. It is a common method that teachers use in order to make it easier for kids to acquire new learnings. Because it provides an interactive learning experience for children, it is less likely for them to get bored.

Here are some of the benefits of play in early childhood education:

  • Promotes independence

  • A great physical activity

  • Sparks imagination and creativity

  • Nurtures socio-emotional wellness

  • Stimulates early brain development

Let your little one get the most out of every playtime!

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