The Importance of Music in Child Development


Did you know that musical experiences help young children create neural connections? Whether your kids spend more time at home or at a preschool in Louisiana, incorporating music into their daily routine boosts their development. Here are more reasons why,

  • It promotes communication

    Whether at home or in childcare in New Orleans, Louisiana, kids who grow up with music around them tend to have larger vocabularies. As long as they have sound or music exposure as infants or toddlers, they can easily mimic music and other sounds to help them understand the world around them.

  • It cultivates patience

    Whether kids are learning a new musical instrument or rehearsing for a new song, music teaches them to persevere and be patient. This way, children will be trained to build their character, preparing them to face challenges at a summer camp or in real life! Patience is an essential virtue that will shape your kid’s character at a young age.

  • It boosts emotional development

    Music also builds your child’s empathy. Through music, they will be more emotionally developed, can empathize with other cultures, and boost high self-esteem. With their teachers praising them for their songs or parents showing them how proud they were, musically-inclined children gain pride and confidence while growing up.

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