Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Vocabulary


Vocabulary is fundamental for kids, especially before day care in Louisiana. A good lexicon helps them communicate with their teachers and classmates and avoid misunderstanding. Are you looking for ways to help improve your child’s vocabulary? Read more below:

  • Use descriptive words

    When introducing your kid to a new word, use descriptive words! At a preschool in Louisiana, they will encounter new words and phrases, and they may use them at school or home. When you teach them new vocabulary at home, use adjectives as much as possible.

  • Act the word

    Acting the words out will also help! Some kids may be visual and can find the right words through their visual representations. Both teachers and parents play an essential role in childcare in New Orleans, Louisiana. And whether your kid’s vocabulary requires adjectives or verbs, know which works best for your children.

  • Draw it

    Another approach to helping kids understand new words is through art. Grab a pen and paper and show your kids what you mean. Drawing or sketching may be another visual approach, and kids can comprehend better when you show them pictures due to their shorter attention spans.

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